Toy Story fans, try not to drool over this insanely accurate Woody doll designed by Medicom. He’ll be out in December to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film and will be a 15″ tall action figure with three changeable faces, several hands with different poses, and a drawstring on his back.

No detail was spared, which is why collectors will have to shell out a whopping $380 to get their hands on one.

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The Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light looks awesome, but it does a lot more than light up. It alerts you of texts and social media updates, and even displays a multicolor light show when you play your favorite music. It’s also on sale for $69.99 (12% off) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! Features include:

-Display social media notifications
-Sync the light w/ the clock
-Customize notifications w/ the free app
-Project your favorite icons & animations
-Adjust lights w/ music in “music mode”

Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light ($80 $69.99)

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man of steel color

The color in Man of Steel was altered to give it a grittier, darker, vibe that was in line with the successful Dark Knight trilogy. VideoLab restored the natural colors and the result is like a whole different movie.

See the comparison after the break. We think it looks better “in color”, but which version do you prefer?

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I find it perfectly fitting that Frankenstein’s head hold daisies. Apparently, the whimsical (and demented) Kat Bones thought so too.

These 9″x10″x10″ ceramic flowerpots come in green, white, unpainted, or any other variation you may like as they’re custom made to order.

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sonic copy

Marutaro the hedgehog calls Tambacounda, Senegal home. His owner recorded one of his outdoor adventures but, thanks to a few edits, the little guy was transformed into a real life Sonic!

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Salute 2015 is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. It took place this past weekend and Beasts of War, the popular wargaming portal, was there with their impressive Battle of Hoth gaming table. They even ran a contest to create a set of rules for the game and the winner, Grant Ennis, was sent to Salute to run it.

The massive table top scene is completely modular since it needed to travel from Ireland to London. The structure is made from mat board and carved Styrofoam for easy assembly. And the figures and terrain consist of a variety of gaming minis, Star Wars toys, and terrain pieces from other gaming systems.

The details are unbelievable. Check out more views and a video after the break.

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In case you missed the news over the weekend, Frank Miller is making his return to Batman with a third series to round out a trilogy that started with the classic The Dark Knight Returns. The new series will be titled The Dark Knight: The Master Race.

The series will be co-written by Brian Azzarello. “Artists for the project have yet to be announced”.

After the disaster of The Dark Knight Strikes Again back in 2001, it’s probably safe to say that many fans weren’t clamoring for another sequel. However, with Miller’s influence currently being felt in the Daredevil series on Netflix and the upcoming Batman v Superman, the timing seems right.

Check out the press release after the break along with a tweet from Frank Miller that marks the occasion. It’s his first tweet in five years.

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funko star wars

Funko’s quest to suck all the money from our collective wallets continues apace with the newly announced Star Wars POP! vinyl bobbles. Luke, Leia in Bouush disguise, a TIE pilot, and Both Nalan Cheel are all adorable, but the Bib Fortuna is so cute I’m gonna die.

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This limited edition 1:1 scale replica of Iron Man’s Mark XLIII Helmet plays all your favorite music via Bluetooth streaming, USB flash drive, or 3.5mm audio cable. Aside from the fact this is the most bassass Marvel speaker on the market, it’s got a decent set-up with two 40mm 3W midrange drivers and an 82mm 15W woofer.

If you are so bold to get this helmet (it isn’t cheap), please take a video while streaming some Black Sabbath.

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Well, this is cool. Entertainment Earth has announced a new exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 6-inch figure box set.

Not only does this set contain the first-ever comic book version of Groot, it also has Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot in a Pot. Not surprisingly, Baby Groot is my personal fave.

But the best part is that you can get $20 off plus free shipping (in the US) on the set when you use the code “MARVEL 20″ during checkout. The offer is good on new orders until May 15th 2015.

Product Page ($119.99 $100)