Y’know how I’ve been saying that Funko just keep making things that cause me to want to throw my money at the computer? They just did it again.

These Star Trek: The Next Generation POP! Vinyl figures includes the most insanely adorable Locutus of Borg I have ever seen. Riker’s beard, Picard’s bald head, Geordi’s Visor, Deanna’s purple eyeshadow – they’re all so frakkin’ cute that I can’t take it.

They’re estimated to arrive in March of 2015 and you can pre-order now.

Head after the break and, remember, I warned you.

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new shirts

We’ve added four new shirts to our merch store, and all of the designs (including a few others in the store) are just $14 for the next 13-48 hours.

So head on over to the store and grab them while you can!

bttf live

Outdoor movies are already fun. Heck, if I had a local drive-in movie theater, I’d totally go. Here in LA, we have some pretty cool outdoor screenings, including one at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

All of that said, I’m pretty sure Secret Cinema may well be the coolest outdoor movie experience on the planet.

If you combine a movie screening, a live show ala Rocky Horror Picture Show, amusement park rides, large and lavish sets, and cosplay into one event, that’s Secret Cinema in a nutshell.

A crazy, awesome, fun nutshell.

SC recently did a tour of screenings of Back To The Future and they just released a video that will make you want to go to any event they do from now on.

On that note, Secret Cinema is bringing the show to Los Angeles in 2015. I think it’ll be a blast.

Head after the break to see what it will be like…

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When the real discussion started about The Stand being made into a feature film, Stephen King himself noted that we should expect more than one movie. At that point, people figured that meant it would be two movies. But writer/director Josh Boone just upped the ante and confirmed that it would be four movies.


Boone broke the news on Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On podcast. Check out what he had to say after the break (minor spoilers)…

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firefly zoe wash

This 2 second animation featuring Zoe and Wash was created by artist Stephen Byrne and is part of a larger project called The Animated Adventures Of Firefly. In addition to the clip, he also released a time lapse video of just what went into making this two seconds happen.

Both of those things would be fascinating and a joy for any Firefly or animation fan on their own. But if you’re like me, this two seconds likely gets you right in the feels.

Head after the break to see the making of video.

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I have a confession to make. I’ve never seen The Last Starfighter. I’m not sure how it happened, but I missed out. It’s been one of those movies that’s always been in the “meaning to see it” category and now, after seeing this modern day re-cut trailer by Tim Gonzales, it’s in my “watch it tonight” category.

Well, the trailer and my long standing crush on Lance Guest and love for Robert Preston which, now that I think about it, makes the fact that I haven’t seen the movie even more odd.

Either way, head after the break and watch this new “modern” trailer.

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Pixel Joint is the place to check out pixel art, and you can stumble across some treasures while browsing through the site. These Game of Thrones animated gifs are a perfect example. Made by user Charlie_pl, the art depicts characters from the series in all their pixelated glory. There’s Jon Snow standing beside Ghost with his hair flying in the breeze, Khal Drogo with blood dripping off his arakh, and more. It’s not quite the fan art I’d expect to work for Game of Thrones characters, but it absolutely does.

More gifs from Westeros after the break.

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Redditor neala963‘s son has a Star-Lord action figure, but is missing the other characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. He overcame this obstacle by improvising with a random plastic tree and raccoon from who knows which playset he had in his toy box. You’ve got to give the kid credit for his creativity.

Redditors took it a step further suggesting some great additional characters. Check those out after the break…

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Star Wars paper snowflake designs by Anthony Herrera have become a tradition. I know winter is nearly here when I see that Herrera has posted a new batch of snowflakes inspired by the galaxy far, far away. This year’s round up of detailed paper snowflakes includes Han Solo, Greedo, Captain Rex, Jabba the Hutt, the space slug, a wampa, and TIE fighters. Grab some paper, scissors, and set aside a few hours this weekend to make it snow with Star Wars.

See the other designs after the break.

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DIY golden snitch tutorial

The golden sheen and wings of the golden snitch from Harry Potter makes it an ideal candidate to become a Christmas ornament. Imagine covering your whole tree with the elusive Quidditch ball. Jen of EPBOT did just that and put together a detailed tutorial on making snitches that look similar to what you see in the Harry Potter films.

The process is relatively easy and very affordable. Jen and her husband John made 30 snitches in an evening and only spent two dollars on the gold portion of the ornament. The rest of the ornament involves some wire, a Dremel, and aluminum foil. Get all the instructions you need over at EPBOT.

See a photo of their tree decorated with the ornaments after the break (spoilers: it’s lovely).

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