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It may look like a simple envelope, but this is actually a secret iPad/laptop sleeve made from PE foam with a tough outer layer made of Tyvek. Its shock protected, splash proof, writable and tear-proof.

But the best part is that it is only $15 for the next 24 hours. That’s 25% off the list price.

Undercover iPad and Laptop Sleeves—$20 $15 (25% off)

Portal 2 Aperture iPad Sleeve

All test subjects must cover their iPads with the Aperture Laboratories iPad sleeve. You know, just in case you drop it when you’re killed. iPads aren’t cheap people—the budget is tight.

Product Page ($29.99)

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The Undercover Mini Sleeve (a long awaited follow up to the laptop version) is designed to camouflage your cellphone or MP3 player as an “innocuous looking little envelope”. That’s all well and good if you want to deter gadget thieves, but identity thieves will pick up right were they left off.

The sleeve is tear proof, waterproof and size adjustable.

Product Page (£7 or $10)

It always seemed stupid to me that you needed a cardboard sleeve on top of a coffee cup in order to protect your hands from the heat. Well, this Heatswell concept might be the answer to that problem. As you can see in the video, the material automatically swells when hot liquid is poured inside, creating a soft barrier and, as an added bonus, 3D logos.

Supposedly, the cup is cheaper than buying a cup and a sleeve separately, and the material used is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. If that is true, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in your local Starbucks sometime soon. Speaking of Starbucks, don’t forget to enter the Starbucks contest from our sister site, Fashionably Geek.

(AmronExperimental via DVICE)

How do you sell 45rpm records in an era of digital music? Package it in a sleeve that can be transformed into a record player. This brilliant marketing idea from GGRP Sound takes only seconds to set up, and the only extra tool you need is a pencil.

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FILL 'ER UP Gocco-printed Reusable Coffee SleeveThis fill ‘er up sleeve will keep your hand cool while you fuel yourself with coffee and morning jitters courtesy of Juan Valdez. So, the only question that remains is what grade of Colombian go juice would you like today? There’s Regular (black), Plus (added cream), and Premium (with cream and sugar).

Product Page: ($10)


An envelope as a laptop sleeve is not new, but the Undercover Laptop Sleeve comes pre-worn so that it looks like some old, beat up envelope. No thief is going to waste his time checking to see if there is anything worthwhile in there. The sleeve comes in two sizes to accommodate most laptops: 8″-13″ and 13″ to 17″. It is completely padded and is tear-proof and waterproof.

Product Page ($29.79)

iPod Nano

According to BetaNews, reports have indicated that all new iPod Nanos will be shipped with a protective sleeve to prevent scratches.

This news comes despite Apple’s continued denial that there is a widespread scratching problem with the Nano’s screen
in the first place. And, as many of you know, Apple is currently involved in a class action lawsuit that alleges the company had prior knowledge of the screen defect, but decided to proceed with production anyway.

“The case we ship with the new 5th generation iPod has received great feedback from customers and we are including a similar case with the iPod nano,” Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling told BetaNews. This is, of course, Applespeak for ” We know that the screen is defective and we are trying to find the cheapest solution possible to fix it.”

Rumors have also surfaced that the company may be ordering its Chinese manufacturing plants to coat the players with an extra layer of protective plastic.

If you are wondering, there are currently no plans to make the sleeve available to current owners of the Nano. Early adopters got screwed again.

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mtg braille

Today in, “Well this is awesome!”, we have a young Magic:The Gathering player by the name of Richard who plays competitively despite being blind.

If you’ve played MTG, you know that you don’t want your opponent to know what cards you have until you play them. Obviously, having the cards read to him during the game would give his opponents an advantage so he gets around the problem by using a brailler.

To prepare for a tournament, Richard has a friend go through his cards with him to sort out which cards he does and doesn’t want to use for the game. Any time he adds cards to his deck, he types the card information onto a card sleeve in Braille and then places the card inside. This way, he doesn’t ruin his cards and he still has a deck that can be used for tournament play.

There’s more to this story, as told by MTG judge Imogen, who was kind enough to post comments with the pictures. It provides interesting insight into how MTG players with impaired vision are able to play within the rules and avoid potential problems.

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The first consumer camera to capture the entire light field can be yours for $79.99 (59% off with free shipping) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Most cameras capture the position of light rays, producing your average static 2D image. The Lytro dares to be different. Its cutting-edge technology records the direction of these rays, generating images you can later refocus, change perspective within, or view in 3D. You can essentially revisit the scene of the photo—meaning you’ll never miss snapping the perfect shot again.

-Take “living pictures” you can adjust afterwards
-Refocus your shots, change their perspective & view them in 3D
-Record 11-million light rays in each scene
-Store up to 750 photos at one time
-Easily carry it anywhere: design is compact, durable & lightweight
-Shoot photos at an optimal resolution for sharing online
-Access an array of tools including photo filters & uploading software
-Includes a sleek, durable carrying and storage sleeve to protect against lens scuffs and scratches

First Generation Lytro 16GB Camera ($199 $79.99)

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