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lego doom 1

The Doom franchise helped make first person shooter games as popular as they are, and Iain Heath did an amazing job re-creating it in LEGO. He built several dioramas to make a drool-worthy playset with imps and revenants and everything. It’s multi-level, and Heath used so many creative tactics to make the scenes special. He even simulated blood splatter!

If you’d like to see these bricks in person, keep an eye out for LEGO Doom at BrickCon in October and at Emerald City Comicon in March 2015.

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Fans of the first-person shooter Destiny will appreciate this amazing prop replica of the Thorn gun used in the game. Designer Eric Newgard made a 3D mold and then cast the gun from 10 separate pieces so that the gears each spin individually. The assembled gun has been painted and weathered to look just like what you see in the game. It measures 12” long and 7” tall and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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carl poppa

Considering I lost it so hard at the 30 second mark that I had to use my inhaler to be able to breathe, I have nothing but “YES” to say about this new version of The Walking Dead – Bad Lip Reading.

If you haven’t seen the first one, make sure you watch that as well. As for this one, just make sure you’re not eating or drinking unless you want to have an accident.

Also, yeah, I bought Carl Poppa.

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Everything’s coming up Deadpool these days and that’s just fine with me, especially when it means we get things like this Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

This fully articulated figure comes with all sorts of swappable stuff, knives, guns, and even Big Boomin’ Balls. But, my favorite feature is the optional plug-in Word Bubbles, complete with a sheet of “Explicit Thoughts and Witty Words”.

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Esty seller PugsnLegos specializes in nifty LEGO lamps that are video game-themed. The above Mario lamp (which is priced at $2,200–ouch!) can change color and is operated by remote control. There are also some other, more affordable lamps for sale, including a smaller Mario desk lamp and fun Pac-Man lamp. I don’t know about you guys, but I think these lamps are pretty freakin’ cool. I think I might need to start saving some dough!

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The new wave of Funko’s Legacy Collection figures for Game of Thrones arrives next month with 6 new figures to add to your collection. It includes Season 3 Daenerys, Arya, Season 2 Brienne, Khal Drogo, Season 1 Jaime Lannister and Robb Stark in 6″ scaled figures. The figures are available to pre-order now for $19.99 each.

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han and chewie hot toys

Hot Toys has unveiled its first round of Star Wars figures, and…just wow. I don’t know how to say this any other way, but start saving your money and try not to drool when you see these new 1/6th scale Star Wars Han Solo and Chewbacca figures. They both feature over 30 points of articulation and all sorts of accessories.

They’re estimated to arrive in the first half of 2015, but we have no details yet on dates or price. Still, as amazing as they look, I’m thinking they’ll be worth both the price and the wait.

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Tired of Disney Princess art crossovers? Think they’ve all been done? Well, allow us to submit this series that explores how the Disney princesses would look as piles of rocks. It just might be the best mashup yet. It’s the work of artist Kevin Bolk who has stacked up all the rocks and given just enough adornment and background to identify each princess. Mostly, it’s just their hair, but Cinderella also gets her glass slipper.

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sandman bookends

Digital media may be considered one of the best things to happen to reading, but I’ve always had a need to own my favorite books in their original paper form. Plus, you have to admit that a good set of bookends really can highlight both your collection and your favorite stories.

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, I’d think your Vertigo graphic novels would look very well framed by these Sandman and Death Bookends based on Mark Buckingham’s incredible art.

They’re currently available for pre-order with free shipping.

Product Page ($179.99)


This beautiful Darth Vader figure is the first in a new line by Japanese company Revoltech. He measures 6.7″ tall and has 23 different points of articulation. His cape is particularly interesting since it’s not fabric and has its own joints so you can pose it along with Vader’s movement. He comes with a stand, an on and off version of his lightsaber, and 4 different hands. Preorder now for delivery in December.

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