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interactive yoda

Here’s your chance to train with the most skilled Jedi Master in the universe. We got our first look at the Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda back in February, but here he is in all his glory.

This interactive Yoda stands 16-inches tall, has premium latex skin and a real fabric robe, and speaks 115 phrases to help you master your Jedi skills and training. Featuring a motorized body and dynamic 360-degree movement, Yoda is ready to train you and show off his incredible lightsaber skills.

The figure has three distinct modes of play: Warrior Mode, Force Mode, and Wisdom Mode. Check out the details along with a demo video from Comic Con after the break…

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This steampunk-style octopus door handle is a wild addition to your home decor. Hand molded in resin and brass, Etsy shop GregsHome sparks the imagination for what what might lurk behind the door.

It’s a pricey piece, but definitely unique and I think I would get a little shiver up my spine every time I reached for the door. Check out more images after the break.

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The Star Wars Movie Realization figure line gets two new additions with the official unveiling of the Akazonae Royal Guard and Teppou Ashigaru Sandtrooper. Both figures have the gorgeous details that’s become synonymous with this line and both figures come with interchangeable hands and dedicated weapons sets. The sandtrooper has a gorgeous set of steampunk style blasters and the Royal Guard comes with with interchangeable chest pieces so you can display them in their robes or armor.

Posed with the previously released Vader figure, they definitely look like an intimidating group!

See more pictures after the break.

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lola pop

I know the official rule is “don’t touch Lola”, but when it’s this version, how can you not? Funko nails it once again by making a Pop! version of Agent Coulson’s beloved red 1962 Chevrolet Corvette convertible.

You should know that, while Coulson is packaged with this mini Lola, you can actually put any of the 3 3/4-inch Pop! vinyls behind the wheel. I want to see a version with both Peggy Carter and Black Widow driving.

Product Page ($24.99)



The set of Doctor Who Weeping Angel string lights contain 10 dangerous angels, half weeping and half attacking. Oh, and the lights can be set to blink mode. YES!

Remember the lights can blink, but you most certainly cannot. Maybe you should just arrange the lights in a big circle so they stare at each other. I think that’s your safest bet.

The set comes with replacement bulbs and multiple sets can be strung together if you really want to live dangerously. Check out the hanging set photo after the break.

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If you collect Living Dead Dolls, I have some great news for you. Nerd Approved has been given an exclusive reveal of the newest LDD adorbz. Entertainment Earth and Mezgo are winging you away to Oz with this Flying Monkeys of Oz 3-Pack.

These 3-inch tall terrors have their own special display box. I don’t know about you, but the Wicked Witches flying monkeys always scared the hell out of me. These Living Dead Dolls versions are a mix of creepy and cute that might help me work through my fear.

They’re estimated for arrival in January, but EE is taking pre-orders now. My guess is they’ll “fly” off shelves, so grab ’em while you can.

Product Page ($34.99)


James T. Kirk has taken a new commission as the captain of your bookshelf. Here he is, looking thoughtful and dashing in resin, no doubt contemplating the mysteries of your library. Do you own a copy of 50 Shades Of Grey? If so, don’t put it anywhere near him.

The bookend measures 10-inches tall and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, but you probably only need one. One Kirk is all you can handle.

Product Page ($114.99)


For some of us, our car isn’t just a mode of transport. It’s our baby, our Millennium Falcon. If you fall into the latter category, your car likely has a name and you have rules for people who ride in her. You also want to protect her from the elements and the occasional spilled drink.

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This is where these Star Wars Boba Fett and Chewbacca Rubber Floor Mat 2-packs come in handy. Made in a universal fit and ultra-durable, they measure about 26 3/4-inches tall x 18 1/8-inches wide and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

If I even get my ’67 Impala, I’m gonna get the Boba Fett ones.

Product Page: Star Wars Chewbacca Rubber Floor Mat 2-Pack / Star Wars Boba Fett Rubber Floor Mat 2-Pack ($42.99)


The dice pictured above are made from wooly mammoth ivory. Seriously.

It’s just one example of the exotic materials Artisan Dice uses to make their unique gaming dice. Other options include carbon fiber, whiskey barrels, animal bones, and metals like titanium and copper.

The company has certainly come a long way since they launched with wood dice on Kickstarter back in 2012. Check out more examples of there wares after the break.

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This Lord of the Rings-inspired fire pit is guarded by the black speech and Sauron’s the Witch-king of Angmar mask. It’s perfect for enjoying a chilly night with warm beverages, marshmallow toasting and, you know, maybe forging some magical jewelry. Etsy shop Imagine Metal Art crafted this impressive 3′ x 4′ pit which also comes with an adjustable grill.

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As impressive at this is, wait until you see how it looks at night with actual flames. It’s frightening and I need it so bad. More photos after the break.

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