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black series

The newest wave of Star Wars Black Series action figures is out and they look great. This set includes Commander Cody, IG-88, and Leia in her Boushh disguise (she looks like a totaly BAMF). The detail on all of them is pretty awesome.

If you missed it, Wave 8 looks pretty great as well. Stormtrooper Han and Luke, Emperor Palpatine, and a Clone Captain make up that case.

Wave 8 is estimated to arrive in April, Wave 9 is expected in June.

Entertainment Earth has both waves, plus past Black Series figures in cases and broken into single figures available to order or pre-order now.

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Hot Toys has unveiled the newest edition to its Age of Ultron line, and as you can tell from the above pic, the Hulk appears to be very, very angry. In fact, he is so angry that he actually comes with two heads: one that’s mid-shout (above) and one that’s gritting its teeth in pure fury. The figure is also pretty tall, standing at an imposing 17 inches.

There are two versions of the figure: the standard version and the deluxe version, with the latter featuring “two newly developed angry and screaming Hulk head sculpts with rolling eyeballs, a specially painted muscular body and a newly sculpted interchangeable Hulk smash pose upper body.”

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tiny snowman mold

Redditor Zombiechic80 printed this tiny snowman mold from a file at Thingiverse, scaled down to 25%. They meant to create an entire snowman army, but their Calvin & Hobbes dreams were foiled when they had to quit after four due to a lack of gloves. (It’s ok, the dinosaurs in fighter jets dream still lives.) So… tiny snowman barbershop quartet? I’d love to make one of these, but it would inevitably be at minimum 50% dirt and dog piss. Ah, New York.


Etsy seller ShortysCreations01 is selling everything you need to turn your bedroom into a Batcave. The beds and dressers can be customized to any size and, as you will see after the break, he even makes tiny Batbeds for pets too.

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star wars mirrors

Let’s face it, your standard mirror can be kind of dull. So, if you’re looking for a quirky mirror that’s far from boring, then you should probably pick up one of these Star Wars mirrors from Etsy seller funkymirrors.

We’ve featured the Millennium Falcon version previously, but there’s also an R2-D2 version that would be awesome in a kid’s bathroom.

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This fantastic 1/6th scale Heisenberg figure from Breaking Bad couldn’t be more perfect. It measures 12″ tall and has fantastic details like a realistic sculpted head, multiple hands, glasses, sunglasses, pork pie hat, black windbreaker, pistol, and five stacks of money.

It will be the first in a Breaking Bad series available through threezero in Hong Kong. Set your clocks for February 23rd at 8 EST when the figure officially goes on sale.

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The official Game of Thrones Monopoly is coming this year. The board looks wonderfully themed with a giant map of Westeros in the middle and the best tokens ever. There’s a direwolf, dragon egg, three-eyed raven, White Walker, crown, and the Iron Throne. You’ll also get keeps and villages in lieu of houses and hotels.

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R2-D2 Drinks

The hot new droid in town may be BB-8, but no droid is as sarcastic and lovable as good old R2-D2.

The folks at Sideshow Collectibles have turned him into a sixth scale figure that comes withe tons of bits and pieces so you can play with him at your desk instead of working. I know this because they sent one to me to check out and he’s been distracting me from work since the day he arrived.

It’s not just R2, but a whole bunch of accessories including Luke’s lightsaber, Ben Kenobi’s table with a light-up holographic Leia, and a beverage tray with glasses just like he sported on Jabba’s sail barge. It even lights up!

More information, photos and a demo video after the break…

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three in one

There was a lot at Hasbro’s New York Toy Fair showroom that made me consider engaging in a life of crime (Have you seen the Jurassic World toys? The only thing that kept me from stealing those T-Rex and velociraptor hands is that my bag was too small), but the upcoming line of zombie-themed Nerf guns… oh… my. The one above shoots darts and silly string (or “zombie repellent,” but you know what’s up), and the latter can be switched out with water. Three ways to beat back the undead horde in one gun.

That puppy’s called the Biosquad ZSR-800 Abolisher Blaster; other weapons in the Zombie Strike line are the Flipfury Blaster (two rotating drums with room for six darts each), the Doominator Blaster (four rotating drums with room for six darts each), and the Biosquad ZSR-100 Eraser (darts or zombie repellent). The Flipfury’s out in spring, the other three in the fall. Pics are behind the cut.

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delorean iphone case

Fire up your Flux Capacitor and check out this sweet Back to the Future Delorean iPhone 6 Case. With wheels already set to hover, Crazy Case designed the DMC-12 in amazing detail. Who needs a practical iPhone case anyway?

See AlsoTim Burton Batmobile iPhone Case

Two of the wheels swing open for easy access to the camera and volume buttons. And the headlights and “wires” around the car light up and even blink with incoming calls.

Click below to watch a video of the phone in action.

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