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This swirly dazzling dragon is actually an up-cycled flamingo. Artist and Etsy shop owner Flamingo Incognito takes old pink flamingos and transforms them into beautifully decorated fantasy creatures. The garden sculptures are made from “weather resistant paints, paper/aluminum foil structure and recycled materials, lots of coffee and imagination.”

And her wild imagination has led to tons of whimsical dragons, sea life, and even a Plesiosaur.

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The Nerd Block Classic Box for May arrived on our doorstep yesterday and this month it’s all about anime.

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Garden gnomes are supposed to protect your yard from evil spirits, but how are they with Gorn? These Star Trek garden gnomes are outfitted like the crew of the Enterprise and they’re ready for duty. There’s Kirk, Spock, a redshirt, and Kirk batting a Gorn. Each also gets a pithy quote engraved on the base.

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One of the things I loved best about Avengers: Age Of Ultron was the fact that Paul Bettany, who I think is an incredible actor, finally got to spend time in front of the camera as Vision –– and what a vision he was.

The new Vision Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys does a pretty fantastic job of capturing the character. The details are all on target, though I wish it was possible to capture the brilliant performance.

The figure is currently on pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles and is estimated to arrive between December of this year and February 2016.

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arkham knight

The Play Arts series of figures is simply outstanding, and Square Enix is on top of their game with this 11″ Batman Arkham Knight figure.

From the “A” emblazoned on his chest to the translucent visor, Square Enix went for attention to detail. The figure has two interchangeable helmet pieces, a sniper rifle, two handguns, three interchangeable hands and a figure stand.

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This 14″ inflatable Death Star beach ball is the perfect way to pass the time this summer. Not only does it look like it could blow up a planet, but it has impact-activated lights that twinkle as you play.

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This “Unlimited Edition” Flux Capacitor is the most screen accurate replica made to date. We woudn’t be surprised if it was actually capable of time travel. Features include:

-Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor Replica Unlimited Edition
-Officially-licensed Back to the Future merchandise
-From Diamond Select
-Even more screen-accurate than the limited edition (no strobe light)
-Batteries: 3 AA (included)
-Dimensions: 16″ tall x 11 1/2″ wide x 5 1/2″ deep
-Weight: 15 lbs.

Product Page: ($394.99)


This severed unicorn head (no actual unicorns were harmed) can mount easily to your door and lights up using magic. Well, actually it lights up using a few batteries and an internal motion sensor, which is invisible so it’s like magic.

See Also: Bask In The Magical Glow Of Uni, The Unicorn Night Light

It will light up your path and you can hang your coat, keys, or scarf upon its horn. It’s kind of like a butler unicorn. But it’s less expensive that a butler and definitely more adorable.

Product Page ($23.39)


I’m going to be honest with you: when I first saw the Star-Lord Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys on the Sideshow Collectibles site, I wasn’t bowled over. Maybe it was the fact that he was helmeted in most of them, or the lighting in the pictures, but I sort of went “hunh, cool” and went upon my merry way.

Then I saw some pictures of the figure without the helmet and rocking the Walkman. Bam, I was in love. They even took pictures of him dancing and it was like looking at a mini Chris Pratt! So, when Sideshow sent me one of the figures for review, I knew I was going to have fun with the unboxing.

This figure is gorgeous. The detail in the sculpt, the insane perfection of the outfit—the jacket alone is a frickin’ masterpiece. I’m seriously blown away by the workmanship. This figure is definitely my personal favorite of any of the figures I own and he’s already got a very special spot in my collection.

I had a blast taking the pictures and went completely overboard, as you’ll see after the break.

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The Dartsplosion looks like it is poised to be the ultimate weapon in your dart gun arsenal. This beast from BoomCo is powered by six C batteries and has a pair of barrels so that it can fire 72 rounds total.

There’s a switch to toggle between automatic fire which empties the barrel when you hold the trigger or single fire where each pull of the trigger is a single shot.

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