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10 Festively Nerdy Christmas Trees [Feature]

For generations families have been taking trees into their homes at Christmas time to decorate them with lights and ornaments. Doesn’t make much sense really –  but it sure is fun. This is especially true if you decorate your tree with a nerdy theme.

Cthulhu Christmas tree

Dressed with 50 Cthulhu tentacles and one plush Cthulhu, this tree from Archie McPhee is a true Tannenbaum of terror. Geyser of Awesome via Nerd Approved

Darth Conifer

I know what Darth Conifer is getting me for Christmas. I can feel his…presents. But he can also feel mine. I got him a tie, he got me an Xbox. I’ll be Force choked for sure. Reddit via Fashionably Geek

Godzilla tree

This Godzilla tree was once displayed at the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan. Not surprisingly, it came to life and tried to destroy Christmas. Buzzfeed via Nerd Approved

The IT Christmas tree

This little IT tree from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia features RAM sticks atop a Beowulf cluster. That’s really cute actually – not like that circuit board toilet they made us use last year. Talk about a complete disaster. USciences via Nerd Approved

Super Mario Christmas tree

As far as nerdy Christmas trees go, this Super Mario Bros and Zelda version will be hard to 1UP. Buzzfeed via Nerd Approved

The Facebook Christmas tree

Do you like Christmas? Well, make it official with some Facebook-inspired ornaments. It’s a good thing there’s no “Dislike” button yet because I got you a portable watermelon cooler and a Justin Bieber CD. Social Meteor

Mtn. Dew Christmas tree

You’re already binge drinking Mtn. Dew during marathon gaming seasons, why not save the cans and string them together to create a classy Christmas tree like this one? Deck the halls with diabeetus!  Fork Party via That’s Nerdalicious

The Dalek Christmas tree

This Dalek wasn’t like the others – he didn’t want to exterminate. All he wanted to do was dress up like the satellites Mary Kay uses to spy on people and serve up a little Christmas cheer.  Flickr

LEGO Christmas Tree

The world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree was erected in St. Pancras Station in London this year courtesy of the master builders at Bright Bricks. It stands 38-feet tall, consists of 600,000 bricks and is adorned with 1000 ornaments. Bright Bricks

Tree of books

This is a true Christmas tree for book lovers. See? Paper books still have a purpose in this world. Suck on that Kindle Fire! Reddit via CubicleBot

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