10 Gadgets For Truly Horrible People [Featured]

April Fool’s Day may have passed, but some people like to be jerks year-round. For those people I offer the following gadgets. These devices are designed to annoy, invade privacy and, in one instance, steal my French fries. That’s not to say that the thief in question is a jerk — quite the contrary in fact. Right, honey? Hahaha … eh.

TV Poltergeist
For the truly evil person, a TV-B-Gone remote that manually turns someone’s TV on and off while they are watching just won’t do. Stepping up to the TV Poltergeist really drives that prank home because it’s a set-it-and-forget-it system. Just hide the unit in the room with the TV and the Poltergeist will turn it on and off in 5- to 20-minute intervals all day, everyday. Naturally, the owner will try to fix or replace the TV to no avail. Eventually their thoughts will probably turn to the paranormal, but an exorcism just won’t take. Their only resort now is to flee the house in terror. Scar someone for life for under $5! — ThinkGeek via Nerd Approved

Gift card vault
What kind of person would give a gift card locked up in a puzzle? That’s right—in order to score that $10 gift card to Applebee’s you’ll have to navigate a ball through a maze to unlock the inner chamber. It’s a real jerk move if you ask me. On the other hand, I wonder if you can get a credit card in there. It would save me from myself. $5.99 — Brilliant Puzzles via Nerd Approved

The Freeloader Spork

Stealing food off of someone’s plate is infuriatingly rude. I know this because my wife does it all the time. She won’t accept fries of her own (because that would be unhealthy), but she has no problem stealing half of mine. Apparently, the logic is that if you eat food off of someone else’s plate, calories don’t exist. That having been said, if you are going to steal food, do it right. That’s where the telescoping Freeloader Fork comes in. It allows you to spear and scoop from up to two feet away. $9.95 — Archie McPhee via That’s Nerdalicious

Ecoblaster rechargeable air horn
We all know how annoying air horns can be, which is why you’ll be disappointed to know that there is now an air horn option for the environmentally conscious jerk. The Ecoblaster can be refilled from any air pump — up to 70 blasts per recharge with a volume adjustment up to 115 decibels. No batteries, no gasses, no trash … no escape. $29.98 — Things You Never Knew Existed

Electronic spy T-shirt
If you are worried about privacy, avoid anyone wearing this T-shirt. There is a fully functioning camera built into the garment that can store 150 color digital photos at 640 x 480 resolution. To snap a pic, simply press the button on the remote concealed in your pocket. After your mission, the photos can be uploaded to your PC or Mac via a simple USB plug. Plus, the electronics can be completely removed before washing. That’s a good thing, because this is what 007 wears on laundry day. $29.99 — ThinkGeek via Fashionably Geek

‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ stamps
People are touchy about Facebook. Profile changes and wall posts have the power to destroy relationships. But give someone that kind of power in the real world and you are really asking for trouble. I found that out the hard way by ink-stamping my wife’s vegan tofu meal “Dislike.” $12.99 — Jailbreak Toys

Flying F#@% helicopter
Yeah, that R/C helicopter says exactly what you think it says. It’s remote-controlled airborne obscenity that will surely draw some unwanted attention when you fly it at the park. It would also make for one elaborate and memorable way to quit your job and tell your boss how you really feel. $20 — ThinkGeek

The Annoy-a-tron 2.0
The name Annoy-a-tron pretty much says it all. This device can be hidden in a room where it will emit five annoying sounds. The first four are what you might expect — a chirping cricket, IM doorbell, electronic beep and a “grating electronic noise.” But the 15kHz “teen buzz tone” is particularly interesting. It plays at a frequency that only young people can hear. So you can drive teenagers insane while the old folks remain blissfully deaf. Also works great to prevent loitering and kids on your lawn. $12.99 — ThinkGeek

Doormat scale
Well this doormat scale is a fine how-do-you-do. Of course, this could backfire in a big way since weighing all of your guests probably won’t earn you many friends, and the FedEx guy might start tossing your fragile packages from his moving van. Plus, let’s not forget that you have to step on this doormat every time you enter the house as well. Price not available — Curiosite

SIM card spy ear
Like the other spy gadgets on this list, the SIM card spy ear is small enough for people of dubious character to conceal in a room, only this one is infinitely more disturbing. The device takes a SIM card that you would find in a typical cell phone, which allows you to call the device from any other phone. Just dial the number for the SIM card and you can listen in on conversations going on in the room. However, this doesn’t seem like something that would be legal in a lot of places, and I don’t think the police are going to buy your baby monitor story. $32 — Brando

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