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$40,000 Metalocalypse Dethklok Fountain: Serious Inquiries Only

After giving you guys a sneak peek at their upcoming line of MusicSkins, the guys at Adult Swim brought something truly absurd to my attention. They are actually trying to sell a $40,000 replica of the fountain that graces the Dethklok estate on the animated show Metalocalypse. Serious inquiries only of course.

The problem is that if you asked the entire Adult Swim audience to pool the money in their wallets right now and buy it as a group, they still might come up short of the $40K price tag (and most of it would be in pennies). On the other hand, there might be an actual rock star or two among the Metalocalypse faithful that has the means and the bad taste to actually consider it. But what if one of those rock stars was in Nickelback? Should he even be allowed to purchase something owned by the greatest metal band of all-time?

Product Page ($40,000)


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