A Life-Size Darth Vader Car Now Exists!


Everyone, shut up! Hot Wheels has turned a C5 Corvette into a giant love letter to Darth Vader. This life-size Hot Wheels car with red lightsaber trim is basically what Vader would be if after his death in Return of the Jedi (sorry, spoilers), he suddenly reincarnated as the living vehicle villain of Transformers 5: Sith Happens. Fans can get their own toy-sized version that comes in a red lightsaber display case.

Check out more images of the car and its cute toy counterpart after the break.





The full-size car will be on display at SDCC. We’ll be there too, so hopefully we will be able to bring you a closer look. As for the toys, look for them at SDCC for $40. Afterwards they will be available at Matty Collector.

(Gizmodo via Road & Track)


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