A Wall Torch Sconce That You Can Actually Use As A Torch


Okay, I don’t normally throw tantrums in public, but I’m gonna go on the record and stomp my feet that ThinkGeek is saying this Wall Torch Sconce is for your little ones.

Per the product description:

What sort of young geek are you raising? A cave dweller running with the dinosaurs? A fedora-wearing, adventuring archaeologist? A brave knight questing for dragons? There are two things each of those need: a solid breakfast to start the day off right and an awesome torch to help light their way to new discoveries.

This Wall Torch Sconce is almost a foot tall and is made of plastic for easy gripping (and safe dropping) by little hands. And when their adventuring is done, it hangs back up on the wall to serve as a nightlight to keep away the grue. Watching the flicker is a bit mesmerizing, sort of like a zzzzzzz…….

Yeah, it’s ages 5 and up. Sure it’s got a plastic bulb so no one gets hurt if it falls. It’s kid safe and sure, fine, kids can use it, but so can adult geeks!

I’m gonna sit here and hold my breath until ThinkGeek makes one of their epic product videos with an adult dressed up as Indy using this.

Okay, I admit, it’s cause I don’t have kids. ::grin:: Kids can use it too. But, seriously, I can think of so many ways this could be set up and how much fun you could have. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So pony up the ideas. I need a few. 😉

Check out the action shot after the break.


Product Page ($19)


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