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Add The Scent of Middle Earth And The Arcade To Your Home With New Geeky Candle Set

Geeky Candles

The action figures lining your shelves and the graphic novels on your bookcase are not enough. Maximize the geek experience in your home by making it smell like Middle Earth, space, Teen Spirit, or a retro arcade. ThinkGeek has a new candle set offering all those options. The votive candles are carefully crafted and dyed to fit their names:

Retro Arcade: Candy, pizza, and a pocket full of quarters
Middle Earth: Grass, rolling farmland, and bright blue sky
Teen Spirit: Your high school deodorant, in your parents’ bathroom
Space: Ozone and hope for a peaceful federation

I’m tempted to try these out just to see what a pocket full of quarters mixed with pizza smells like.

Product Page ($19.99)


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