Amazon Wants To Pay You $5 To Read This Comic [Deals]

That might be one of the most backward headlines I’ve ever written, but it’s correct. Amazon’s content development division, Amazon Studios, has released its first graphic novel titled Blackburn Burrow. It’s free and if you read it on their website and fill out a survey about the comic, then they’ll give you a $5 Amazon gift card.

In Blackburn Burrow, Mister is a legendary fighter rumored to take on the strange and supernatural. When a Union general requests his help in investigating the disappearance of a group of his soldiers from a small town in the South, Mister initially declines, refusing to get involved in the politics between the North and the South. Mister’s interest, however, is piqued when the last contact with these soldiers referenced the walking dead and a man Mister has been tracking all his life, the man who brought him into this world. Mister teams with Merrin, a young female survivor, to stop an ancient uprising and discover the family secret that connects his past to the small town of Blackburn Burrow.

The story started as a feature film screenplay by Jay Levy, but feedback on the Amazon Studios website gave rise to the notion of creating a comic first. This will allow them to gauge the public’s interest and see if a feauture film is actually worth persuing.

Read the comic after the break…

You can take the survey on the Amazon Studios website.

(via The Beat)


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