An Adorable Bag End Bonsai Tree

Bag End Bonsai Tree 1

Bag End tends to be charming regardless of the setting, but this bonsai tree-scape pushes the delightful meter beyond measure. It’s cute and perfect, and I’d like to shrink myself and move in right now please.

Chris Guise shaped the tree and then constructed the familiar Hobbit hole. The bricks on the front were cut from roofing tile, and he carefully fashioned the brass doorknob on a metalworking lathe. Like a boss. He added paint and finishing touches like moss between the bricks, and voila – Bag End. He spent over 80 hours on the project, and I think every minute was worth it.

Check out more pics after the break, including a winterized version of the tree.

Bag End Bonsai Tree 2

Bag End Bonsai Tree 3

Bag End Bonsai Tree 4

Bag End Bonsai Tree 5

Bag End Bonsai Tree 6

(Bonsai Empire via Facebook)


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