Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards For Harry Potter Fans

HP Valentine 1

Mailing Valentine’s Day cards is fun, but it’s not the only way to send messages of love. You can email cards like these ridiculous yet great Harry Potter notes. The simple design follows a generic template that means anyone can join in on the fun. These are the ingredients: character, pastel background, goofy/dirty/adorable message, and to and from text. Done and done. Tumblr was practically made for memes like this, and users have been posting completed Valentine’s cards that will make you and anyone you send them grin.

More funny cards after the break.

HP Valentine 2
Valentine Cardz

HP Valentine 3
Gift of Asylum

HP Valentine 4

HP Valentine 5
Alyssa Clayton

HP Valentine 6
Alyssa Clayton

(via BF, top Valentine via Claudia Sentada)


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