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BBQ ‘n Beer Prize Pack Review: The BBQ Sword

Welcome to the first installment of a five-part review series on prizes you can win in our BBQ ‘n Beer contest from Today, Nerd Approved will be taking a closer look at the BBQ Sword.

Let me just say two things right off the bat. First off, as a seasoned grillmaster, I don’ t recommend BBQ forks. You never want to pierce cooking meat—it lets out precious juices. I usually just toss the forks when I buy new grilling tools, but it’s hard to resist one shaped like a sword. So, for the purposes of this review, I put my feelings on meat stabbing aside.

Second, I know my grill is a mess. I generally clean the grate off between meals, but it’s been a while since I emptied the ashes. That’s just added flavor baby!

As for the sword itself, the build quality is good. It’s a bit shorter than I expected (more like a cutlass really), but it should last you a long time. The “mask” that’s included is a complete joke though. I was expecting an actual fabric mask, but it turned out to be a cardboard cutout without string. Naturally, I didn’t have any string handy, so I had to tape the damn thing to a pair of sunglasses. Lame.

Despite it’s shortcomings, I’ve never had more fun making turkey burgers—as you can plainly see in the action shot above. From here on out, I will be using this bad boy for turning (not stabbing) all kinds of stuff on the grill—and the guard does a good job of protecting your hand from the heat.

The BBQ sword is priced at $28, but remember—if you are lucky enough to win the contest, you don’t have to spend a dime. Make sure to check out our contest page for all the prizes and info on how you can enter. And make sure to visit for more awesomely stupid stuff.


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