Beautiful Replica Orcrist Sword From The Hobbit Can Be Yours For a Price


Weta has released yet another beautiful collectible from The Hobbit that will empty your bank account but make you otherwise very happy. This time it’s a replica of Orcrist, the sword wielded by Thorin Oakenshield. This is the fifth sword in Weta’s Master Swordsmith’s Collection and it’s the first with a single edged blade. It’s made of tempered spring steel with a dragon’s tooth grip cast from CC60 urethane that was then painted and resin-sealed.

The runes on the cross say “Orcrist” with additional Elven runes that spell out “The Serpent’s Tooth.” There are also four cubic zirconia gemstones set into the pommel. It comes with a white oak and steel scabbard that connects to an embossed leather belt via straps and buckles. It’s designed to be worn over the shoulder and is sure to be the envy of, well, everyone.

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Product Page ($9,900 via Obvious Winner)


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