Buy Doctor Who Dalek Replicas Made From Original Molds!

Doctor Who fans, this is the collectible you’re going to want in the corner of your living room. It’s a hand-built, made to order Dalek replica that uses the original molds and specs from the BBC Props Department. The Dalek stands 5′ 3″ tall with moving arms, a rotating dome and a retractable plunger. And no, you cannot ride in your Dalek as per the best product warning ever written.

WARNING: The Dalek produced by ‘this planet earth ltd’ is sold purely as a collector’s item. IT IS NOT A TOY. Despite the fact that this reproduction TV prop enables the user to enter the inside of the Dalek, ‘this planet earth ltd’ do not recommend this action. ‘this planet earth ltd’ cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to the owner or any third party during the course of misuse for purpose. The Daleks device mark © BBC / Terry Nation 1963. Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited

Which of course means everyone is going to squeeze inside and have their friends push them around anyway.

Product Page ($5700 via Geekologie)


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