The Chibi Predator Figure Is Cute, But Deadly To Your Wallet


This is the Hybrid Metal Figuration Scar Predator Figure from Herocross and he’s the most adorable lethal alien in the universe. It looks like they took this little Predator cosplayer and brought him to life.

He measures 5.5″ tall and is made of metallic alloys and plastic. It’s based on Scar from Alien vs. Predator and has 20 points of articulation.

It also comes with a whole bunch of accessories like a maskless version of his head, wrist blades, combi-sticks, plasma caster, shuriken, ceremonial dagger, and 6 different hands to hold it all.

See more pictures after the break.



Product Page (HK$798 or $100 Toyark via io9)


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