This 3D-Printed Mechanized Tank Might Be The Coolest Toy Ever Made [Video]

project colossus

Codename: Colossus, a mechanized, 3D-printed toy designed by Michael Sng’s Machination Studio, is a prime example of just how far 3D printing has come.

The Colossus stands at an impressive 20-inches tall, and it’s made using over 400 individually hand-painted and 3D-printed plastic pieces. If that wasn’t enough, servos and electronics bring the whole thing to life.

Learn more and see Codename: Colossus in action after the break…

If you’re interested in adding this insane toy to your collection, you’re (sort of) in luck: the toy is currently available through the Machination Studio website. Unfortunately, pricing hasn’t been finalized yet so you’ll need a “money is no object” kind of bank account for this one. Also, in order to reward Sng’s early supporters, cover inflation and make sure that every model made retains its value as a collectible, every tank that’s made will run two percent more than the previous build.

So, if you want one and have deep pockets, you bad better get in line fast.

(The Awesomer via Gizmodo)


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