The Dude Gets Deluxe, Man


Entertainment Earth has revealed another SDCC exclusive and this one is a seriously deluxe Duderino. The Big Lebowski The Dude Deluxe 12-Inch Action Figure, to be precise.

Made by Bif Bang Pow!, the figure has 25 points of articulation and comes with interchangeable hands and movie-inspired accessories like the bowling ball, bowling bag, sunglasses, cell phone, White Russian, jelly shoes, and two multiple piece cloth outfits. It also includes a talking key chain that speaks eight phrases from the movie. It also comes with the The Dude’s signature rug—naturally.

If you’re wondering, the key chain plays one of the following eight phrases:

“Nobody calls me Lebowski, you got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man!”
“He peed on my rug!”
“Man, if my f*ckin’ ex-wife asked me to take care of her f*ckin’ dog while she and her boyfriend went to Honolulu I’d tell her to go f*ck herself.”
“Careful man, there’s a beverage here!”
“Oh, f*ck me, man!”
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. Ow! F*cking fascist!”
“Oh, the usual. Hmm bowl… uh drive around. Uh, the occasional acid flashback.”
“Yeah well, The Dude abides.”

The Dude will be available for the first time on July 8, 2015 at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 at San Diego Comic-Con and the run is limited to 486 individually numbered pieces. If you won’t be attending the show, you can also pre-order them on the Entertainment Earth website.

Product Page ($199.99)

(*NOTE: Pre-orders made before San Diego Comic-Con 2015 are not guaranteed to be fulfilled based on limited supplies. Available units will ship after Comic-Con 2015 while supplies last.)


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