Doctor Who Series 4 Wrap Party Videos You Have To See To Believe [Video]

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Series 4 of Doctor Who may have ended in 2009, but it’s never really over until the fat lady sings. Or until videos made for the wrap party turn up on the internet two years later. First, we have a ballad from David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Catherine Tate. The song is about Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner and gives thanks to them for all their hard work on the series. If it’s possible, John Barrowman just got more attractive because he can play the piano.

I saved my favorite for last: the cast and crew lip-sync to The Proclaimers. Everyone from the accounting department to David Tennant joins in, and if it doesn’t make you smile you don’t have a heart (let alone two of them). Also: Dancing Ood.

Laugh out loud at both videos after the break.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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