This Wrist-Mounted Dragon Ball Kamehameha Shooter Is Highly Amusing

Just looking at the Dragon Ball Super Deluxe Kamehameha Shooter fills me with joy. It’s absurd in an awesome way. First of all, it exists. Second, it will fire the energy blast with sound effects when you press the button.

Now the power to unleash Goku’s Kahmehahmeha blast is in your hands. Attach to wrist and insert the energy ball into the wristband and you’ll begin to hear Ka -­ me -­ ha -­ me, and when you press the button to fire the energy ball, the final “ haaa” will be heard as the energy ball blasts through the air to take out your enemies.

The Dragon Ball Super Deluxe Kamehameha Shooter is available to pre-order now with shipping slated for August. That means you won’t have to resort to low budget tricks for your Dragon Ball cosplay.


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