This Empire Pictures Blu-Ray Boxed Set Is A Gold Mine Of B-Movie Horror

Empire Pictures has compiled a massive, very limited edition collection of their awesomely terrible ’80s cult horror films. We’re talking 18 movies on 15 discs (14 Blu-ray and one DVD) with a 24-page booklet. And each of the 600 copies is signed by founder/director Charles Band.

The films in the set include: Metalstorm (regular and 3D versions), The Dungeonmaster, Ghoulies, Trancers, Eliminators, Crawlspace, From Beyond, Terrorvision, Troll, Dolls, Prison, Cellar Dweller, Catacombs, Ghost Town, Ghoulies 2, Robot Jox, and Arena (DVD).

I think it’s safe to assume that those 600 copies will sell quickly even with the $250 price tag. If you want to snag a copy, mark your calendars for April 28th when the pre-sale goes live on Full Moon Direct. Reserve copies will also be made available at fan conventions where Full Moon makes an appearance.

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