Enter To Win a Mighty Box Of Thor Toys From Hasbro! [Contest]

Marvel’s Thor is hitting theaters everywhere tomorrow, and to celebrate Nerd Approved is giving away a box that is filled to the brim with new toys from Hasbro.

Seriously, I was tempted to just put on the Thor helmet and grab the electronic Lightning Hammer from this box and play with the action figures until my wife divorced me (which probably wouldn’t have taken long) but, instead, I am passing the joy onto you, our beloved readers.

As I mentioned you’ll get a Thor mask and the electronic Lightning Hammer, but you’ll also get three action figures: Sword Spike Thor, Lightning Clash Thor and the Invasion Frost Giant inside a fancy Thor box.

To enter, simply “Like” us on Facebook and comment in the contest thread or follow us on Twitter and retweet this post with the hashtags #Thor and #giveaway. You can also email us at contests@nerdapproved.com with “Hasbro’s Thor Contest” in the subject line.

The last day to enter will be Friday the 13th (so it will be lucky for somebody) and a winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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