Finally, An Expandable TARDIS Tent!

What would be a cooler playhouse than a TARDIS? It’s not feasible for everyone to build one with wood and nails, but this product’s flexibility means it’s easy to add the space ship and time machine to your home. It’s an expandable TARDIS tent! It even has an interior that matches the inside of the TARDIS! I know!

The tent is designed after the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS and measures at 61 x 35 x 35 inches when closed. You can pre-order it now for an estimated arrival of November 2012. It might be sturdy enough to take outdoors, but it’s so pretty that I’d just keep it inside. And let’s be honest: though it might be marketed to children, it’s for all ages.

See what the interior looks like after the break.

Product Page ($117.99)


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