The First Official Photos Of The Simpsons LEGO Set Look Awesome

lego simpsons 1

LEGO has finally released images of their upcoming The Simpsons set, and they are not disappointing. Let’s all have some Duff Beer to celebrate the occasion!

The official photos confirm that the leaked images were spot on. It’s the familiar house, dollhouse style, in glorious brick form. You’ll be able to purchase it on February 1 for $199.99; that’s on par for a set with over 2,500 pieces. If you don’t want to commit to that price or the space to display the epic house and all its accessories, you can grab one of the line of the minifigs that will be available in May.

Check out pics of the interior of the house and the minifigs after the break. You’ll be amazed by all the details.

lego simpsons 2

lego simpsons 3

lego simpsons 4

lego simpsons 5

lego simpsons 6

lego simpsons 7

lego simpsons 8

lego simpsons 9

lego simpsons 10

(via Mashable)


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