Five Nerdtastic Beds We’d Like To Own [Featured]

X-wing bed

Back in the day, you were the cool kid on the block if you had a bunk bed. And I do mean way back in the day. That was all it took. Waterbeds were a novelty, too. But  now? There are children who have beds that look like ships from Star Wars  the TARDIS. Can you imagine what your dreams would be like if you were sleeping in the cockpit of an X-wing?

The kid who owns the fighter pilot bed above knows exactly what it’s like. He actually sleeps under the X-wing rather than in the cockpit, but it’s close enough! Image found at Unreality.

Check out four more geeky places to rest your  head after the break.


You can just buy this pirate ship bed. It doesn’t make it any less awesome, matey! Prices start at $1,249.

Dino Bed

Who doesn’t want to sleep between the jaws of a dinosaur every night? Image found on Boing Boing.

AT-AT loft bed

We live in a world where I could actually feature a whole list of just Star Wars beds. How awesome is that?! This AT-AT loft bed was found on Imgur.



If you just have a small space, a TARDIS murphy bed is the way to go! Images found on Geek.


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