Ths Remote Controlled Walking AT-AT Is A Force Friday Standout


The Sphero BB-8 may have been the hot toy on Force Friday, but two other awesome toys made an appearance in our giant roundup that we felt needed some extra attention.

First up, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Classic U-Command AT-AT. Standing 10.5″ tall and controlled by a dual-joystick programmable infrared remote, you can pre-program or instantly send over 1000 action combinations with 10 buttons to make this AT-AT walk in all directions and turn its head while lights and sounds replicate its firing actions.

Then there’s the new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Black Series Deluxe First Order TIE Fighter Vehicle. The 6″ pilot figure that comes with this vehicle will help give you some idea of the scale. The cockpit has seating for 2 figures and each wing is nearly 2 feet tall. I saw this up close at SDCC and it’s seriously beautiful.

Get a better look at each of them after the break.

Episode VII AT-AT


Product Pages: U-COMMAND AT-AT ($149.99 $129.99) / Black Series TIE Fighter ($169.99)


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