Froud/Henson Short “Lessons Learned” Is A Puppet-Filled Wonder [Video]


Lessons Learned is a short film that was successfully kickstarted last year and will be screening at the Portland Film Festival in August. It was developed by Toby Froud, the pajama-clad child in Labyrinth whose Dad, Brian Froud, was a concept artist for that film as well as The Dark Crystal. His company is appropriately named Stripey Pajama Productions as an homage to that early role.

He’s not working alone though, as he’s teamed up with the child of another big name in puppetry, Heather Henson. Ibex Puppetry is her company and she will be showing the full 15-minute film on the indie circuit as a part of Handmade Puppet Dreams. Full of goblins and fantastical creatures, it looks like an absolute treat.

See more pictures and the trailer after the break.





(via io9)


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