Funko Is Going to Bankrupt Us By Releasing Game of Thrones Blind Boxes

Game of Thrones Blind Boxes

If Funko’s goal is to make collectors want all the things, they are succeeding. Their catalog at Toy Fair revealed new licenses, new plushies, and new blind box sets. Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for blind boxes. Raise the other hand if you like Game of Thrones. Both of my hands are figuratively up in the air.

If you’re in my area of the Venn diagram in this scenario, prepare to be a happy camper: Funko’s releasing a Game of Thrones set that features ancillary characters like a White Walker, a Dothraki, and a Stark Soldier. I saved the most squee-worthy part for last: the boxes also have direwolves, ravens, and dragons! You could get Ghost or Drogon or a White Raven that means winter has arrived. I should just buy the whole display!

If that’s wasn’t enough, they’ll also have have blind boxes for The Walking Dead, Batman and Domo as DC superheroes.

Check out the catalog page featuring the others after the break.

Bat family blind boxes

(AFI via Super Punch)


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