Game of Thrones Vs. Star Wars Is My New Favorite Thing

sw game of thrones 3

Which characters have it worse: the ones in a galaxy far, far away or the ones in Westeros? A new meme sweeping the internet pits characters from Star Wars against characters in Game of Thrones and it basically ends up being the funniest thing ever. Leia’s kissed her sister? Cersei can top that. Luke lost his hand? Yeah, Varys lost something much more important. Medieval life is rough but as you can see in the above photo, Star Wars characters get the short stick sometimes too. I love these comparisons so very much.

Check out more hilarious images after the break (spoilers for season 3 of Game of Thrones).

sw game of thrones 1

sw game of thrones 2

sw game of thrones 4


sw game of thrones 5

(Reddit via io9)


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