Get Your Star Trek Fix With This Enterprise Keychain And Beautiful Retro Art

QMx has recently released some shiny new merchandise for Star Trek. You can get a tiny replica of the Enterprise 1701-D to add to your keychain (or just to display on a shelf). If you don’t need a keychain, you should consider the  art prints celebrating the most memorable episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. The designs were commissioned by CBS, and they’re sold in sets of four. New sets will be released each month for the next 20 months. That’s 80 prints! You could cover all the walls in your house!

The art prints are available for pre-order now; they’ll be shipping in mid-August. You can sign up for the waiting list to be notified about the pre-order for the keychain. Links are below.

See the keychain and more art after the break.

Product Pages: Enterprise D keychain ($11.95), TOS Art Prints ($34.95 for the set)


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