Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings of the Serenity Crew Members

Firefly - Mal

Artist James Hance is a crazy talented guy. We’ve featured tons of his work, and he’s always churning out new paintings and prints. What I especially enjoy about Hance’s creations is that it seems like he regularly changes methods and mediums to challenge himself. He recently completed a series of watercolor portraits of the entire crew of Serenity. Yes, the images will make Browncoats everywhere happy.

He’s donating the originals to Can’t Stop the Serenity for their annual auction to benefit Equality Now, and he’ll have sets of prints available on his site starting today.

See the rest of the crew after the break.

Firefly - Inara

Firefly - Jayne

Firefly - Kaylee

Firefly - River

Firefly - Zoe

Firefly - Wash

Firefly - Simon

Firefly - Shepherd

(via James Hance)


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