Great Gifts For The Doctor Who Fan On Your List [Gift Guides]


There’s a lot happening in the Whoniverse this year between the 50th Anniversary of the show and the pending arrival of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Help the Whovian in your life celebrate with one of these perfect Doctor Who gifts!


Change the channels on your television with a Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable Remote ($99.99). Yes, of course it has sound effects! If the Eleventh is more your style, no worries. There’s also an Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable Remote ($99.99).


This TARDIS Throw Blanket ($19.99) is perfect for curling up on the couch for all day Doctor Who marathons. It also comes in an exploding TARDIS version.


Relax because the world as we know it will be safe when this adorable Dr. Whooves My Little Pony Vinyl Figure ($13.99) is on the job.


Boring white walls will look much more exciting with this beautiful Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster ($19.99) giving them a little color.


He may be bent on exterminating everything in sight, but this Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head ($24.99) will mostly be just the most adorable evil overlord on your office desk. An 11th Doctor version is also available.

doctor who socks

Keep your toes warm with these Dalek, TARDIS and K-9 Socks ($14.50)


You can turn your refrigerator into a police box with this TARDIS Refrigerator Kit ($185). It includes skins that you stick on the outside and there’s even an optional wooden header with the light and a sound box. If that’s too expensive for your blood, try this TARDIS Door Decal ($59.99) instead.


The Daleks are much less intimidating in this form. This Inflatable Dalek ($71.99) is 57″ tall and would make for the perfect guard for the entrance to your cubicle. There’s also a walk-in TARDIS Inflatable ($109.99) coming in February.


Brew a lovely cup of tea with this TARDIS Teapot ($39.99). It’s the perfect thing to have on hand just in case The Doctor stops by unannounced, like usual.


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