Help This Wonderful LEGO X-Mansion Become Official

x-mansion 1

LEGO has the license to make brick sets of at least some Marvel franchises, but they haven’t focused on X-Men. LEGO Cuusoo user DarthKy, the same builder on the Attack on Wayne Manor project, has shown the X-Men possibilities by building Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning. The giant X-Mansion is built in a fold-out style, and it would be a pricey and huge set since it’s at least four stories tall. DarthKy wants to include 45 minifigs and memorable locations like the Danger Room and Cerebro.

As always, if the project gets the necessary 10,000 votes it will be reviewed by LEGO. I don’t know that they’d greenlight a project of this size but, at the very least, it might get them to think more about X-Men sets.

See more photos after the break.

x-mansion 2

x-mansion 3

x-mansion 4

x-mansion 5

x-mansion 6

x-mansion 8

x-mansiono 7

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