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Holiday Decorations Every Nerd Will Love [Feature]

The last thing you need is another boring string of white lights or a little snowman ornament for your tree. You’re a nerd so you want nerd decorations! We’ve scoured the internet to find the best nerdy decorations from lights to ornaments to tree skirts. It’s still early, so you have plenty of time to get your hands on these great products to decorate your own home or to give to the good little nerd girls and boys on your list.

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Pi Stocking
Everyone knows that Pi is 3.14 but in a stocking, pretty much all I see is two for one. You could share it with someone else, but don’t look at me. I’m keeping it all to myself. Product Page ($16.99)

Bacon Stocking
It is arguably the best food in the world, and now it’s also the best stocking. This 16″ long felt stocking also includes a vinyl Mr. Bacon dangle to make it extra bacony. Yes, that’s a word. Product Page ($12.99)

Space Invaders Stocking
They may have been menacing as they came closer and closer on the screen at your local arcade, but they’re cute and cuddly on this stocking. Bright blue with three little Space Invaders—it’s the perfect stocking for the old-school gamer who wants to relive his glory days without worrying about having enough quarters. Product Page ($12)

8-Bit Stocking
Another great stocking for the retro-gamer, this one brings back the days of 8-bit glory. I remember those days, when a whole character was just 5 little blocks and his eyes looked like empty, soulless black orbs. Ah, memories. Product Page ($9.99)

Superhero Stockings
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Superman stocking with a cute little cape on the back. This handmade fleece stocking measures 14″ long with a 6″ opening and comes in a variety of superhero styles. There’s also Batman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine and Green Lantern (plus Chewbacca is thrown in for good measure). Product Page ($13-$14)


Motherboard Ornaments
Most of the year, IT guys dwell in the darkest recesses of the office where piles of unwanted peripherals threaten to topple over and kill the unwary. They’ll appreciate your effort to bring some IT-themed spirit to your tree with these recycled motherboards. Each measures 3.5″ across and comes in a set of three with a bell, a tree and a star. Product Page ($19.99)

Social Media Ornaments
If you checked out these ornaments, facebooked them, tweeted about them, and then pinned them on Pinterest, then you should probably buy them for your tree. These handmade foam ornaments come in sets of five and you can pick the assortment to create your dream social media tree. Product Page ($22.50)

Star Wars Laser Cut Ornaments
The Force wil be strong on your Christmas tree with these laser cut Star Wars ornaments. Each measures about 4″ across and is available as Boba Fett, Yoda or a Stormtrooper. Product Page ($5)

Santa Cthulhu Ornament
Even Cthulhu gets into the spirit with this plasticized clay-dough ornament that puts him in a Santa hat. It measures 4.75″ tall and will bring the perfect touch of evil to your tree. Product Page ($7.99)

Darth Vader Peekbuster Hallmark Ornament
Darth Vader understands that you’re anxious for Christmas and that you’ve trained hard and are ready for the opening of the presents, but don’t peek. No, really, he talks and he will berate you despite his festive appearance. I know you’re good at resealing the package, but he’s got The Force. He. Will. Know. Product Page ($19.95)

Han Solo On a Tauntaun Hallmark Ornament
Luke may have The Force, but without Han he’d have been a Jedi ice cube on the frozen planet of Hoth. Only Han could save him from his icy doom. Okay, Han and a really smelly beast that will never overcome that stigma. This ornament also features dialogue from everyone’s favorite nerf herder. Product Page ($32.95)

TARDIS and Dalek Ornaments
You can set up your tree for travel through time and space with these Dalek and TARDIS tree ornaments. They’re glass and measure 5″ and 4 1/2″ respectively and if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even lure The Doctor over on Christmas Eve. Product Page ($17.99-$24.99)

Game Console Ornaments
Everyone has their console of choice, and it’s likely to be included in this set of 10 acrylic ornaments that each measures about 3″ wide. There’s even some gone but not forgotten consoles in the mix so you can reminisce about the way things used to be. Product Page ($35)

Legend of Zelda Ornaments
These beautiful 2.5″ ornaments are each laser engraved with the Hylian crest. They come in a set of three with one blue, one red and one green. Link would approve. Product Page ($9)

Game of Thrones Ornaments
Winter is coming so you might as well embrace the idea with a Game of Thrones Stark Family ornament. Each is hand-crafted with an ornate pendant and an image of either a dire wolf, or Rob Stark. Product Page ($12.99)

Heroes of Science Ornaments
Celebrate the season with Einstein, Sagan, Curie and a whole host of scientists. There are 28 different laser-engraved ornaments from which to choose. Each measures about 3 3/4″ tall and is sold individually so you can pick your favorite or in sets of ten. Product Page ($9-$85)

Final Fantasy Ornaments
Final Fantasy fans will want this set of ornaments with characters from their favorite game. You’ll get Balthier, Fran, Panelo, Vaan, Rikku, Cloud, Yuna, Rinoa, and Aeris. Each measures between 2″ and 3″ tall. Product Page ($34.99)

ThunderCats Lion-O Hallmark Ornament
Christmas HO! The Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O, is here to watch over the festivities and protect you and the ThunderCubs from any Mumm-Ra. Product Page ($14.95)

Back to the Future DeLorean Hallmark Ornament
It’s possible you may have to unplug all your holiday lights to make sure your house has enough juice to send this ornament Back to the Future. Maybe it will let you see Christmas past and Christmas future without that whole complicated ghost scenario. Product Page ($17.95)


Star Wars Clone Trooper Lights
This ten foot strand of Clone Trooper figural lights will guard your tree whenever you’re away. Each measures 3 1/2″ tall with a total of 10 troopers all together, armed with blasters and ready to take out intruders. They’re also available as Threepio and Artoo. Product Page Clone Troopers/Threepio/Artoo. ($3.99)

Captain Kirk Lights
Boldly decorate with this string of Starfleet approved lights. They feature the Starfleet symbol with an image of James T. Kirk on one side. Each strand has ten 2.5″ lights and can be used inside or outside. Product Page ($22.44)

This string of TARDIS lights is nine feet long and will add just the right wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey touch to your holidays. You can put them on your tree or decorate the front porch. Either way, The Doctor will approve when he shows up for fish sticks and custard on Christmas Eve. Product Page ($19.99)

Snow Globes

Lord of the Rings Gollum Snow Globe
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a snow globe sitting on your coffee table. This one features Gollum watching over his precious which is suspended in the middle of the globe. Check out the full line of snow globes at Entertainment Earth where you’ll find everything from superheros to movie characters. Product Page ($97.50)

Nightmare Before Christmas Snow Globe
Jack Skellington might belong in Halloweentown, but he looks perfectly at ease in his Santa suit. This 7″ tall snow globe will fill your home with Halloween Christmas cheer. Product Page ($26.99)

Star Wars R2-D2 Snow Globe
This cutest droid in the Star Wars universe gets his own cute little snow globe. It measures just 2.5″ tall and would look perfect on your mantle, or sitting among the rest of the toys that decorate your office desk. Product Page ($9.99)

All The Other Stuff

Han Solo In Carbonite With Boba Fett Statue
Aw, look how festive this pair looks with all their holiday gear. Han is wrapped up with a bright red bow and Fett has traded in his gun for a candy cane. I guess there definitely won’t be any disintegrations this time. Product Page ($49.99)

Star Wars Nutcrackers
Everyone knows that Yoda is more than capable of cracking some Sith skulls, but now we know he can also crack a nut or two. You can choose from Yoda, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers or even Artoo. Product Page ($17.99 and up)

TARDIS Tree Skirt
This handmade tree skirt is perfect for a Whovian Christmas. It’s made of felt and measures 22″ in diameter to fit a tabletop tree perfectly. Product Page ($25.00)

Star Wars Imperial Cog Tree Skirt
This 60″ felt tree skirt will be certain confirmation of your Imperial loyalty. It’s made of three layers of felt and is available in larger sizes for bigger trees. Product Page ($54)


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