How To Build Nerf Gun Suitable For James Bond

There have been hundreds of Nerf gun mods over the years, but few look as slick as the one pictured here. The creator, a New Zealander named Simon writes:

The pistol is made from 32mm ID PVC pipe, some aluminium extrusion and aluminium pipe, wood for the grip and various pieces of metal and plastic. The main spring is one I got from Bunnings warehouse. This gun should be able to take a cut down AR-15 spring as used in the Boltsniper weapons but these aren’t that easy to come by in New Zealand. I believe I am legally allowed to buy one but by the time I found that out I already had the Bunnings spring. I may still get one to play with. The idea of a toy gun using a part from a real one appeals to me for some odd reason…

His primary goal was to create a weapon that fired better than a Maverick (which wouldn’t be hard), but in the process he managed to create something with some awesome minimalist style. Check out the link below for all the details on how to make one yourself.

(Asciimation via Make)


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