Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Wax Sculptures Of Movie Characters

wax sculptor 1

Sculpting with wax can produce stunningly realistic results, and artist Bobby Causey seems to have mastered it. He makes insanely good sculptures of characters from pop culture like the Joker, Hellboy, Superman, and Batman. He uses a ton of photo references and starts with Non Sulfurated Plasteline (NSP) for each of his sculptures.

He told Daily Art that sculpting is the most rewarding and fulfilling kind of work he does, and when you look at his finished sculpts, it’s easy to see why. It’s undoubtedly a lot of hours and sweat, but it has to be satisfying to see these lifelike pieces and know you made them yourself.

See more of Causey’s amazing work after the break.

wax sculptor 2

wax sculptor 3

wax sculptor 4

wax sculptor 5

wax sculptor 7

wax sculptor 8

wax sculptor 9

wax sculptor 10

wax sculptor 6

(Design Taxi via GoA)


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