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Introductory Calculus For Infants [Books]

The training of your young needling continues with Introductory Calculus For Infants.

Life is all arithmetic. We try to add to our incomes, subtract from our waistlines, divide our time, and for a while, we avoid multiplying. (Lest we not secure a career that adds to our income!) But a time comes when we want to be fruitful and multiply. We want to add to the legion of geeks.

Then we become the parent that says, “If I’ve told you n times, I’ve told you n + 1 times… clean your room or you won’t get to eat any of the first derivative of a cow tonight!”* This book is for the parents of future mathletes. It’s the storybook adventure of two friends as they discover the wonders of calculus. Who knows, you might even learn something yourself, parental unit!

Toss in How To Speak Wookiee, HTML For Babies, That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale and the My Little Geek ABC book and your child’s education will be complete.

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