Retro Knight Rider KITT And Michael Knight Action Figures

The Hoff was so cool when he played Michael Knight on the iconic 80’s show Knight Rider, but he was completely upstaged by his wise-cracking car, KITT. Now you can relive those cheestastic days with this limited edition KITT and Michael Knight action figure set. The doors open, the wheels spin, and 5 LEDs on the hood even pulse. This 13″ long vehicle comes with a 3 3//4″ tall David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight that fits right in the drivers seat. Best of all, the car talks in William Daniels’ voice! Phrases include…

“I am KITT….”
“All systems functioning.”
“May I recommend you engage my auto-cruise mode?”
“Michael, I detect vehicles…”

Preorder now for delivery in February 2013.

Product Page ($59.99 via Geek Alerts)


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