Life-Size Han Solo In Carbonite Carved From Ice [First Look]

On March 24th, Food Network’s new show Ice Brigade will air an episode featuring Randy Finch and his team at Ice Sculptures Ltd carving out a life-sized sculpture of Han Solo in Carbonite. However, we have some exclusive pictures of the final product for you to check out right now.

More images are available after the break.

I’ve never seen the show, but I think I’m going to have to start. Apparently, many of the sculptures Finch and his crew are creating are fully functional—like a lounge with sushi station and pool table, a casino game room with a spinning roulette wheel, bowling lanes with pins and balls, a life-size chessboard and carousel, a DJ booth with spinning turntables and working speakers, a grand piano, a putt-putt course, pinball machines, and even mechanical bulls.

Check out the episode list for more info:

Premiering Thursday, March 3rd at 10pm ET/PT

“Magic Juice”

Randy Finch and crew design the mid-west’s first ice lounge in Royal Oak, Mich., complete with a fully-equipped ice bar, raw sushi station and a full-size ice pool table. The only problem is that the freezer room to house the lounge needs to be built first! Then, the Ice Brigade creates an elaborate punch bowl and party decor for former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson at his mother’s birthday celebration, and he just can’t get enough of the magic juice.

Premiering Thursday, March 10th at 10pm ET/PT

“DJ Bronco”

When the order for an ice DJ booth – complete with a spinning turntable, speakers, headphones and a disco ball – comes in from a local nightclub hosting a winter-themed party in a dome made to look like an igloo, the Ice Brigade encounters a challenge that could shut down the dance floor: the most technical project they have ever worked on. Then, Randy and crew unveil their country-western side by designing a fully-functioning mechanical bull for ladies night at a local bar in Grand Rapids, Mich. Randy gets advice from Professional Bull Riders’ Craig Sasse and Chance Roberts. When Jovonnah accidentally breaks the freezer truck, the Ice Brigade must still find a way to transport the giant bull. Finally, Randy gets an order for 26 ice luminaries that need to be frozen and delivered in just over 24 hours.

Premiering Thursday, March 17th at 10pm ET/PT

“One Piano Key at a Time”

The Ice Brigade explores their musical side and manages the impossible by sculpting a fully-functioning baby grand piano for the annual Art Hop in Kalamazoo, Mich. After much research and several trials, the team awaits the outcome as the pianists, including former American Idol finalist Matt Giraud, take center stage. Then, the team combats several twists and turns when carving a working hookah complete with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired caterpillar that blows smoke rings for a local lounge, which leaves the place in a cloud of sweet-smelling smoke. Lastly, the team cooks up frozen “Killer Tomato Soup” balls carved to look like kid-friendly monsters and served at a local children’s hospital.

Premiering Thursday, March 24th at 10pm ET/PT

“Han Solo, Polar Derby”

An overabundance of scrap ice in the work freezer allows Randy and crew to take their skills outdoors for some ice sledding. Then, the team sculpts a life-size replica in carbonite stature of Han Solo from Star Wars’ “The Empire Strikes Back” for a special night with the Muskegon Lumberjack’s hockey team. The team concludes with an authentic air hockey table for a kid’s birthday party with sound effects and all.

Premiering Thursday, March 31st at 10pm ET/PT

“Let it Ride”

The Ice Brigade tries their luck at making casino tables for a gaming room at Turtle Creek Casino in Traverse City, Mich., with craps and blackjack tables, chips and dice, and even a dual-direction roulette wheel – all made out of ice. Then, some lucky children get the ride of a lifetime on a one-of-a-kind ice carousel with intricately carved animals at the annual Hunter Ice Festival in Niles, Mich. And, Jovonnah leads her first project, a delivery of three juice bowls to a circus-themed juice ball.

Premiering Thursday, April 7th at 10pm ET/PT

“Strike & A Hole in One”

Randy and crew put their artistic skills to the test as they design and sculpt a working pinball machine for the anniversary of a local bar, Stella’s Lounge. Then, an ice festival in Rockford, Mich., challenges the crew to design a Rube Goldberg-inspired final hole of a mini putt-putt course. And, a backyard bash turns into a bowling extravaganza when the Ice Brigade lights up the lanes with a bowling alley complete with ice pins and bowling balls to make for a chilly night of fun.

Premiering Thursday, April 14th at 10pm ET/PT

“Checkmate Me, I Prank You”

The Ice Brigade creates an interactive chessboard for downtown Grand Rapids with life-size chess pieces designed to dazzle local chess masters. Even the mayor comes down to cut the ribbon! The crew also helps create an out-of-this-world office prank by replacing office furniture with ice furniture – desk, chair, computer, phone, and all.


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