See What’s Inside Loot Crate’s ‘Heroes 2’ Box For July 2015 [Review]

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I have to say, Loot Crate’s “Heroes 2” subscription box for July 2015 was my favorite crate thus far. See what’s inside after the break…




This Loot Crate exclusive TV series Batman Q-Pop figure from QMx was a nice change of pace from the Funko figures that come in just about every subscription box.

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Speaking of Batman, this keychain was pretty much my favorite thing in the box. It’s awesome looking aaaaaand useful. The bat symbol features a bottle opener and Phillips/flathead screwdrivers.

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The Loot Crate exclusive edition of The League Of Regrettable Superheroes from Quirk Books includes 50 of “the strangest superheroes ever to see print”.

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Star Trek air freshener: LLAP with a fresh vanilla scent. The Legend Of Zelda sweatband features an embroidered Triforce emblem. I suppose you’ll work up a sweat while wasting precious time with side quests.

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Here’s an awesome Wonder Woman Bombshells poster and a Brawlhalla download card with an exclusive code for skins, weapons and characters for the game.


As always, the Loot Crate box can be transformed into something clever. This time it’s a building in Gotham with residents in need of assistance. Unfortunately, your little Adam West was struck by lightning and he fused to that slab, so he can’t fit through the door. Hopefully he has something in his belt for that.


Like I said earlier, “Heroes 2” was my favorite crate thus far. It was loaded with fun stuff that I was genuinely excited to receive.

On that note, we’ve reviewed a lot of subscription boxes from a lot of different companies at this point and, in our opinion, Loot Crate has been the most consistent as far as quality is concerned. Just a thought if you’re on the fence about which service to go with.

If you would like to try out Loot Crate for yourself, signup for a subscription here and save 10% off your order with the code “NERDAPPROVED”.

Check out our past Loot Crate reviews to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky looter will find an epic Mega Crate on their doorstep!


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