Man Builds The Ultimate Zombie Survival Weapon

The weapon you are looking at is more than just a Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun. It’s the ultimate, all-purpose survival tool—and your best friend in the event of a zombie invasion.

The modified weapon includes:

  • Two side saddles for quick reloading (and a total shotgun carrying capacity of 19 the shotgun itself holds 7+1) containing cartridges with bird shot, 00 buck shot, slugs and signal flares.
  • A 5″ bayonet knife mounted to the barrel
  • A tactical flashlight/compass combo mounted to the barrel
  • A hollow buttstock containing an emergency survival kit with baking pan, trash bag, fishing kit, 2 non-lubricated condoms for water storage, water purification taps, reflective survival blanket, a small first-aid kit, Carmex lip balm, a whistle, small Bic lighter and snare wire
  • A hollow vertical grip containing a small fire-starting kit (matches, striker, steel wool, WetFire brand fire starting material)
  • A hollow pistol grip containing a multi-tool
  • A saw that can be attached between the buttstock and gun handle
  • A braided paracord gun sling
  • American flag bandana (can be used for everything from a fashion statement to a water filter)
  • custom plaque

Clearly, the gun’s creator Creek Stewart has thought of everything here. Now I can stop stockpiling weapons in a dumpster located near my bunker in the woods.

Check out The Art of Manliness for an in-depth discussion on the build.

(via Geekologie)


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