Mario Gamer Edition Monopoly Plays Like A Video Game

There have been many special edition versions of Monopoly, but most are the equivalent of a fancy skin with the same game underneath. Not so with the Super Mario Gamer Edition.

First off, the standard tokens have been replaced with elaborate character figures that have their own power-up abilities. Players earn points by buying properties, collecting coins, and winning boss battles. Basically, it plays more like a video game. You can even toss shells at other characters to make them drop coins Mario Kart style. Check out the video below to see how the game is played in more detail.

Power Packs with additional character figures will be available for $3 when the game arrives in August for $25:

If you can’t wait, Gamestop is shipping a Collector’s Edition of the game right now that includes additional items such as a Bowser token and character card with unique Monopoly game abilities for $40.

(via Polygon)


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