Marvel Minimates Wave 41 Figures Revealed [First Look]

Yet another wave of Marvel Minimates will be hitting store shelves in August, and the breakdown looks a little something like this…

  • Wave 41 Two-Packs: First Appearance Iron Man/Mega-Rage Hulk and Unmasked Spider-Man/gliding Green Goblin (to recreate Amazing Spider-Man #39 cover)
  • Exclusive Two-Packs (specialty stores and comic shops): Mr. Sinister and Nimrod with a variant pack that includes Age of Apocalypse Sinister
  • Toys R Us Wave 11 Exclusive: Nightcrawler (with bamfing base) with Betsy Braddock and X-Force’s Fantomex with Mr. Negative

Check out an additional image after the break.

(Art Asylum via Comics Alliance)


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