Mary Poppins Could Be a Time Lord

Technology like Google Streetview helps reveal secrets of the universe. In this case, this shot from Cardiff might just show that Mary Poppins is from Gallifrey. Read this compelling argument from fireflyastoria:

So I was fiddling between Google and MapCrunch and do you know what I found?

Do you know who that is? Yep, that’s Mary Poppins.

Do you know where that is? Yep, that’s Cardiff. Specifically, that’s outside the Roald Dahl Plass.

Do you know what the Roald Dahl Plass is? Yep, the roof of Torchwood.

Do you know why Torchwood is there? Yep, that’s because of the rift in Cardiff, specifically that rift for a specific reason.

Do you know where the Doctor re-fuels the TARDIS?

So tumblr was right.

Mary Poppins IS the Doctor.

I’d certainly like Mary Poppins more if this was true.

(Official Doctor Who Tumblr via The Mary Sue)


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