Mattel’s Upcoming Ghost Trap Is The Ultimate Ghostbusters Prop [Video]

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If you’re looking for the ultimate Ghostbusters prop, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Mattel is gearing up to release a replica of the ghost trap from the movie. The trap not only looks the part, but also produces lighting and sound effects that will surely make unsuspecting friends and neighbors wet their pants in fear thinking they have a ghost infestation on their hands.

The trap will come in two modes, ‘prop’ and ‘movie’. The former will see the doors of the trap open while lighting up whenever you give the pedal a step, letting you know that a ghost has already been caught, detaining it for good the moment it is closed. When you switch to movie mode, it works in the same manner, save for the light show that is livelier not to mention the inclusion of additional sound effects which will play the moment you open and close the trap’s doors.

The product is slated for release in October, and will sell for $135. Check out a video demonstration after the break.

(via Ubergizmo)


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