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Neil deGrasse Tyson Finds a Real Location For Krypton

In the latest edition of science is awesome, Neil deGrasse Tyson helped DC Comics pin down an actual location for the fictional home planet of Superman, Krypton. That sentence is so many kinds of wonderful.

DC Comics wanted to run a story in Action Comics about Superman’s search for his home world, but they wanted to do it right. A staffer reached out to astrophysicist and all around fantastic guy Neil deGrasse Tyson for some assistance. They may not have expected what Tyson would do next though: he used real world science to figure out an actual location for Krypton.

More specifically, he used information from DC and determined that “the “real” Krypton is in the Corvus constellation, about 27.1 light years from Earth, orbiting the red dwarf star LHS 2520.” The NY Post points out that the distance apparently coincides with the age Superman is supposed to be in the comics. If you want to check it out yourself it can be viewed at right ascension 12 hours, 10 minutes, 05.60 seconds, and declination 15 degrees, 04’ 15.66.

Tyson gets to share this information with Superman himself in Action Comics #14; you can see a peek at his character in the image above. It hits stands this Wednesday, November 7.

(NY Post via The Mary Sue)


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