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Nerd Approved (Mostly) Useless Crap Holiday Giveaway


We talk about a lot of weird and useless stuff here on Nerd Approved, and now is your chance to win some of it thanks to the fine folks at Vat19. All we ask is that you send us an email ( with the subject “Nerd Approved Vat19 Holiday Giveaway.” In the body, briefly tell us about your favorite gadget featured on Nerd Approved and why you love it. Winners will be chosen at random on December 31st. More information on what you can win is available after the break.


Gift 1: Flying Alarm Clock: If you have trouble waking up in the morning (and I mean serious trouble), the Flying Alarm Clock is the solution. When the extremely obnoxious alarm sounds, the propeller will launch into the air and fly around the room. The alarm can only be turned off after the propeller is returned to the base. If a more annoying product has been developed, I haven’t heard of it. After only a few short days with this thing, you will surely be saying f*ck you thanks Nerd Approved!


Gift 2: 5 for 1 Beer Glass: There is no doubt about it, a glass that holds 5 beers equals good times. Sorry, beer not included.


Gift 3: Kufra Pitcher: Just for kicks we are throwing in something you might actually find useful. The Kufra pitcher helps keep your drinks cold without watering them down thanks to a plastic insert that keeps the ice separated from the beverage.

Rules: Contest is open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. Winner will be chosen at random. Neither Nerd Approved nor its sponsors are liable for any damage, warranty, injury or additional costs involving the prizes after they have been delivered to the winner.


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