New Star Wars Family Decals For Your Car

I won’t lie. I’ve rolled my eyes once or twice at the family decals I’ve seen on the back windows of cars (usually SUVs). You know what I’m talking about – the little stick figures, one for everyone in the household. Over time though, people have come up with funny modifications for these stickers. I’ve seen Disney themed ones, pirates, and most recently, Star Wars!

The presence of the Wars makes everything cooler. ThinkGeek realizes that and is offering a full set of 50 stickers with 19 distinct characters. You can mix and match to fit the stature of your family members. The kids can be Ewoks, dad can be Vader, and mom can be Leia. You can put together some pretty hilarious combinations or just go crazy and cover your entire back window with them!

Check out all of the character options after the break.

Product Page ($14.99)


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