Official Doctor Who Dalek Replicas Now Available For Order

If you lack the skills to make a Dalek using the original BBC plans you could always pony up around $4900 to have an officially licensed version built for you.

The Dalek Replica is hand-built to order, using the original moulds and specifications from the BBC Props Department. Officially licensed by the Beeb, it stands at a life-sized 5’3” tall, comes in a range of classic colours and has a whole range of features to play with.

The arms are mounted on ball joints, allowing them to be moved – or wiggled in rage, as was more common. The plunger arm can be extended in and out and the iconic dome can be rotated 360°. What’s more, inset casters in the base let you move it around with ease.

Unfortunately, you can’t ride in it, but at least your kids can settle for one of these ride-in Dalek toys.

Product Page ($4920 via ChipChick)


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